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how long is a flight from st. louis to shannon ireland

how long is a flight from st. louis to shannon ireland?

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about 12hrs its a long flt i recently we but November is the best month for it
2 :
I flew Atlanta to Shannon and it was around 6 hours 20 mins. U'd prob have to factor in the extra distance to Missouri. If you've already booked this flight ur arrival time should be on the ticket...
3 :
7 Hours and 35 minutes in the air if you go through Newark(NJ) plus whatever time between flights, that's with one stop. You will have traveled a total of 3,995 miles through that route. There are no nonstop flights available at this time so I cannot say what a direct flight would be like. The information was done using yahoo travel and looking up the flight details. Link below
4 :
We flew Chicago to Shannon, then from Dublin to Chicago. They were both about 7-1/2 hours...........
5 :
There aren't any nonstop flights on STL-SNN, so the fastest connection offered by all airlines is 11 hours and 25 minutes there, and 11 hours and 40 minutes back via Raleigh and Boston using American and Aer Lingus.

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