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for the ST Louis and Logan Airports and others

for the ST Louis and Logan Airports and others?
WHY DID THE AIRPORT IN ST LOUIS lose a lot of passagers over the years and it was one of the busiest airports in teh world what changed that Why did Logan Airport experience a 17 percent drop in passengers, what is wrong with Logan? What changes airport rankings of Busiest in the world? Which airports got hit the hardest with losing non stop flights to Destinations how big is FT. Laturdale airport?
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Daniel, you don't tell what years your statistics are for, but TWA was STL's major carrier, with their hub there. When they went out of business, STL numbers fell. Logan? I don't know. Busiest airport-can be in terms of aircraft movements or by number of passengers enplaned. Loosing non-stops? Don't know. All flights at an airport outbound are non-stops to the first stop. FLL is a respectable sized airport. I have been in and out of there. Does a lot of business because of the cruise ships which have their terminal about 4-5 miles from FLL. Lots of attractions, too, plus beaches. I think the airport has a website, as does the FLL area, and cruise port. Regards, Dan

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