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Can I sit in St Louis airport from about midnight-6am

Can I sit in St Louis airport from about midnight-6am?
I'm not a frequent traveler so I don't know this airport stuff. I'll be in St. Louis for a few days and there's a 6:30 am flight for the day I'm leaving. Instead of paying for a hotel room that night, could I just take a seat in the airport for 6 hours or so? Or will the airport be closed or will security say I'm loitering or something and I'd have to leave? Thanks. Is there a good place to sit outside of the security checkpoint?
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You can sit there any time you want as long as you don't bother any one, don't litter. You cannot check in your lugguge til 3 hours prior to flight schedule though. And if that is the case, you're going to sit outside of security check point. If you only have carry on, then you can go inside of security check point and hang around your gate. (wear something comfortable and bring in books, newspaper or ipod to listen to music if you cannot sleep). Good luck and be safe.
2 :
The airport is open all night. I found that most airlines don't open to check bags until about 5 AM even for an early flight. There are places to get a bite to eat and to sit outside of the security check points on both the upper and lower levels. Most if not all of the chairs have arms so they make sleeping rather difficult but not impossible. I can tell you I've been stranded overnight in O'Hare in Chicago and wasn't above laying on the floor with my head on a wadded up coat but I wouldn't advise that unless you have an awake partner to watch your things. Quite honestly I've been stuck on layovers for longer than 6 hours in many airports and while bit uncomfortable and boring, you will certainly survive. Bring snacks, a jacket to cover up with, a beach towel to wad up for a pillow or use as a cover, something to listen to and read.
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Tell security when your flight is and ask where a good place in the section of the airport is o.k. to stay and wait for your flight. A lot of people do it when the flights are delayed.

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