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Why is my flight full of asians

Why is my flight full of asians?
I'm on a flight from st. Louis back home to Seattle, and this plane is seriously like 90-95% asians. It's crazy, does anyone know why? They don't speak much English
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1 :
they are going to seattle
2 :
It's coz all the broke muthafackaz are walking to seattle..Asians are rich.
3 :
maybe there on a group or some organization in seattle OR its a stop from asia to some other place
4 :
asians are about 90% of the populus nuw wher have you been?
5 :
a lot of asians live on the west coast
6 :
You sound very bored
7 :
Just be happy that they are not all terrorists.
8 :
The state of Washington has a large Asian population including small towns like Pullman.
9 :
You're lucky.
10 :
Be careful. They are all plotting against you!

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