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Any flight attendants please answer

Any flight attendants please answer?
On a flight from St Louis to Vegas and back I was seated in the row behind the exit row in the middle seat. On the way out in the exit row was an asian man with his wife and 4 yo son. He obviously spoke minimal english and the combined weight of the three of thm would barely be 200lbs. On the way back Same scenario. 2 teenagers and an elderly man with a walker. Me in the same middle seat behind them. I am 6'4" 250 lbs speak perfect english. When I asked to be switched I was told no. These are the seating assignments.Yet the 4 yo was removed for takeoff and landing.Whenever I fly international I am asked if I would mind changing to the exit row. I need the room but also am capable of opening the door. Is there a criteria for who sits at the exits on domestic flights?
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yes, a criteria here is imperative you must be a specific weight and height.
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The criteria (FAR 121.585) for sitting in an exit row state that: Passengers may not sit in an exit row if: 1. they can't understand or speak English 2. they are under 15 years of age 3. they lack strength or mobility in both arms, legs and hands 4. can't see 5. can't hear 6. they lack the ability to orally impart information to other passengers 7. they have a condition that might prevent them from performing the applicable functions (such as caring for a parent or small child) 8. performing said functions would cause bodily harm 9. they do not want to perform the duties The only time an airline can override an FAR is if the airline policy/rule etc is MORE restrictive than the FAR but exit row seating criteria is a FAA reg not an individual airline rule. I was not allowed to discriminate when it came to exit row seating (age, weight, disability, etc.). HOWEVER, it sounds as if the asian couple were not in compliance with regulations one and seven (non english speaking, in charge of minor child), the elderly gentleman MAY have been in violation of regulation number three, and perhaps the teenagers MAY have been in violation of regulation number two. As a Flight Attendant, I am required to ask you if you have read the safety information card, meet all of the criteria for exit row seating, and are capable of assisting me in the event of an emergency. I was allowed, however, to inquire further of my passengers if they felt capable of performing exit row duties. My line of questioning for the minimal english speakers would have entailed engaging them in a brief conversation (in English), to discover if they indeed would be able to speak English, and would be able to impart information to other passengers in an emergency (how much they weighed would not be a consideration - I weigh 110 pounds and can open an exit in an emergency). The teenagers would have been asked how old they were (under 15, and they would get moved), and the elderly gentleman would have been asked if he thought that he could manage to open the exit weighing eighty five pounds, and help people out of it in an emergency (was not allowed to use the word "frail" or anything else with a negative connotation). Since it seems as if not only the GATE AGENT goofed (she checked them in, and didn't catch any of these potential errors), and the Flight Attendants on (at least one of) your flights refused to follow the FARs, you need to write a letter to corporate headquarters, detailing all of the circumstances, plus flight numbers, route pairings (STL-LAS, LAS-STL), and dates flown. Feel free to quote the above FARs in your letter. Please don't think that I am trying to get someone in trouble, but these regulations are written the way they are for a reason (safety). All of the above points are also covered in Flight Attendant training (repeatedly). The Flight Attendant that you dealt with on your flight may have been new (most likely scenario), need additional training, or may need a check ride from a supervisor in order to make sure that she is following company policies and procedures. Hopefully, this answer will help you, and I hope that you have a much better trip on your next flight.
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Exit row criteria on one major airline - You must be over 16 and capable of 3 things: 1. able to follow the instructions of the crew. 2. able to open the emergency exit escape hatches. 3. able to assist the crew If you dont wish to do these things, you will sit somewhere else. on many airlines the exit row seats are first offered to top tier frequent fliers first, they usually get these seats, but some of the exit row seats may not recline as much as "regular"seats. a secret: find the best seats on most any airlne by looking at this website:
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Yes, very much so....there is absolutely no way that a non english speaking person or anyone with a child should be in an exit row...or 2 teenagers or anyone with a an exit row you have to be capable of opening the door (I believe it's 65 lbs pressure or close) and getting yourself and assist other people out of the aircraft. The situation you describe is illegal...Did you ask for exit row when you checked in...ask again at the gate..??
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That crew definitely broke the law. Report them to your civil aviation authority - stating the date, airline, flight time, flight number and departure point and destination. That crew should NOT be doing that job if they did that to you ... and for allowing a 4 year old to sit at the emergency exit???? Unbelievable.

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