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How to check in for international flight

How to check in for international flight?
Final destination is London. I am flying from St. Louis to Washington. Connecting there to a direct flight to London. Will I check in via international counter in St. Louis? Even though other people on the plane to Washington will be only traveling within the country.
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You will need to show your passport upon check-in in st. Louis. Your bag will be checked through to London, so there is not need to re-check in Washington. To put your mind at ease, look at the tag that the customer service agent puts on you bag. It should have LHR, meaning London Heathrow. If you have a U.S. Passport, you can check yourself in on the airlines website, print out the boarding pass, and then you can get in the shorter line at the airport. (usually called "self-check-in" or "web check-in"). Be sure to get there 2-3 hours before departure.
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It depends on your airline. Contact them to see where your connecting flight boards. You will receive boarding passes for both flights at your first check in.
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Yes. You check in once at STL.

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