Senin, November 01, 2010

im taking an american airline trip on june 12th do you thin they will cancel my flight

im taking an american airline trip on june 12th do you thin they will cancel my flight ?
i make 4 stops before i hit my detination (texas) im only 15 and will they cancel my flight right when im at a airport like st.louis M im gong to my grandmas intexas and im scard there gonna cancel it on me when im at a airport?
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1 :
do i thin? no i dont thin i fatten
2 :
Why would they cancel it on you? It's very unlikey that they would cancel it, and if the event that they do, refund you origanal find a ticket to the same place at the next available time.
3 :
No They are just inspecting the wiring in the wheel wells of specific aircraft (specifically MD-80'S). Other airlines have been through the same process. It should be corrected very soon.
4 :
No. They are supposed to have all this resolved in the next few days.
5 :
I really dought they will. They will fly everywhere anytime pretty much.
6 :
No, I don't think they'll cancel your flight. AA's should be in compliance with FAA standards and regulations by then.
7 :
no,,,,,,,,,,it will be all fixed by then
8 :
They just might. My mother is wondering if her flight to California this Saturday will be cancelled.
9 :
They don't do things like that. you'll be fine. The worst that will happen is a long delay. And that basically just means you have to wait. They have things set up to where they won't leave you in that kind of situation. Imagine hundreds of people stranded at an airport far away. haha. You'll be okay. Okay? Have fune at your grandmother's. :-)
10 :
you should be fine they should be done with the inspections by then..

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