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Flight attendant training for Unitd Express

Flight attendant training for Unitd Express?
Hello. I recently got the job for flight attendant and I leave in a month for trianing.(in st.louis.) I was just wondering if someone can give me some advise on the trainig.(what to bring? money? ect.) it would be mostly appreciated.
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United Express isnt a company. If you are training in STL, you are probably working for Trans States. Just bring some nice clothes, enough money to feed yourself for the time you are in training, and whatever personal stuff you need. It will be difficult but there will be a lot of people there with you going through the same thing.
2 :
Expect hard with other people and a lot of studying...eventually it will pay off.....youll actually have fun durung most of the training unless you dont work well under pressure...bring and pay attention

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