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I need to fly from LA to St. Louis on 12/22 - 12/26 - what is the best airline

I need to fly from LA to St. Louis on 12/22 - 12/26 - what is the best airline?
I've been tracking airfares and they have gone from ~$400 to over $600 during this period. I don't understand how airlines can do that given the economy (we may cancel the whole trip!). Anyway, was airline is "best" (flights AND cost) It use to be TWA. I'll be traveling with 2 newborns too(!).
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American Airlines is the only direct airline for $355 return but returning on Christmas. Its so expensive because of the christmas period.
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The holidays are near and flights are overbooked. Shop around and compare all major travel sites. You may still find some good deals (at least fair enough). Check here: Cheap Flight Comparison: Compare all top travel sites (like expedia, travelocity, orbitz, priceline, kayak and more) together for the cheapest flight deals with one simple search. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airportsรข€¦
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You have to buy your tickets early. Now will be difficult to find cheap tickets not that it is ever cheap to fly around Christmas to begin with. Also know that the closer to Christmas you travel, the more expensive ticket prices will be. The airlines know a lot of people will want to fly around this time and will pay a lot of money. Therefore they raise the ticket prices. Even though the economy is down and fewer people may fly, airlines have already taken that into consideration and may have used smaller aircraft or cut the number of flights. If you are flying with 2 newborns, I would recommend a direct flight which American Airlines seems to have. Having a connection is hard enough with the planes being full but if you are flying with 2 babies, a direct flight would be best.
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I'm astonished that you can find it for that little at this point. Don't wait. Take it. By the way, you have to tell the airline in advance that you are bringing a lapchild, and you can't bring two if you're the only adult traveler.
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Southwest Airlines Orange County to St. Louis on 12/22 to 12/25 (no flights on 12/26) at 578.40 round trip.

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