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What should I do regarding my flight

What should I do regarding my flight?
I am planning on attending a football game that starts at noon. If everything goes as normal I should make the flight just fine. But worst case scenario the game goes about 4 hours and I miss my flight. But its the last flight scheduled and I dont want to fly out the next night and miss work. What should I do? risk missing the flight or sign up for the Monday morning flight and try to change it last minute in hopes there is a seat available? What are the fees or penalties Im facing for each decision? Im flying Southwest from St. Louis to Sacramento and the game is the reason Im flying out there, so Im not missing any of it.
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Well it sounds like you dont like any of the choices you have. You dont want to miss the game - yet you dont want to risk being late for work. You really have to choose the lesser of the evils and stick with it. If you're more concerned about seeing the game then either keep your flight and worry about the changes if you have to miss it or change it to the morning and call in late for work.
2 :
You should try to fly out on the first flight the next morning... thats your best bet... I dont know why you would even consider trying to cut it that close... because if you miss it, you would be on standby... and then, with the game, and everyone traveling from sacramento, you could be stranded for days..
3 :
Hope for the best . Air line travel on what it has become is risky business on actual / departure times . You must decide in a possible worst case scenario what is more important to you ? A Game ? Your work ? LOL

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