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Shuttles from Fort Leonard Wood to St. Louis Airport

Shuttles from Fort Leonard Wood to St. Louis Airport?
I'm going to see my fiance in Fort Leonard Wood in August. I found a shuttle with USA Express from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood that works with my flight arrival time. But, my problem is my flight returning home leaves at 8:02 a.m., and the earliest shuttle getting into St. Louis from FLW arrives at 8 a.m. Does anyone know of any shuttles that leave earlier than that without taking a taxi that are relatively affordable? I dont' want to stay in St. Louis the day before since I can have that day with my fiance before I leave. Can anyone please help me find a shuttle that will work with my 8 am flight? Any help is very much appreciated!
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Call the shuttle service to see if they have earlier times, or try the Grey Hound bus.
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There is a Greyhound station at St Robert which is right by the base but since the station doesnt open till 7:30 AM I doubt that there will be a bus that can get you into St. Louis for your 8 AM flight. You can always rent a car and drive both ways, Its an easy 2 hour highway drive out Highway 44. If your fiance has a car and can get leave that weekend he can pick you up and when you need to leave, you can both spend the night close to the airport so you can catch your early flight.

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