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why is ST Louis getting hard with flight cuts

why is ST Louis getting hard with flight cuts?
why is ST Louis getting hard with flight cuts? it SEEMS TO BE LOSING A LOT OF DIRECT FLIGHTS, WHATS UP WITH THAT??? what is ST louis like as a city? St Louis was once one of the busiest airports in the world, how much did traffic there go down in the last 10 years?
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St. Louis probably is getting a lot of flight cuts because there isn't that much travel demand there and people just look at it as a connecting point. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh used to have a lot of flights by Delta and US Airways. However the airlines found that people were only connecting at these cities instead of getting on or getting off the aircraft. Therefore when airlines see people only using a city as a connecting city, they may shift the way flights are. Now Cincinnati only has about 1/3 of the Delta flights it used to have and Pittsburgh is now just a focus city for US Airways instead of a hub. Also St. Louis used to be huge hub for TWA. When American bought out TWA, they started cutting unprofitable routes. Now that Delta has purchased Northwest Airlines, I would not be surprised if in the future, some of the hubs for Northwest get flights cut. Memphis is a possibility because it is so close to Delta's headquarters of Atlanta.
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St Louis was never "one of the busiest airports in the world". People are obviously not flying there so the number of flights is being cut.
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They like screwing people out of their two days off

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