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How to handle a connecting flight in Atlanta

How to handle a connecting flight in Atlanta?
I am planning on leaving from St. Louis to Atlanta. Then catch a connecting flight to Stuttgart. Same route coming back. How do customs work? And would I have to change terminals in Atlanta as well? Connecting to an international flight is new for me and any other information would help. Thanks! i'm flying delta
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too bad you did not mention if this IS same airline or not so since you did not say we can not tell if you will have to switch terminals as for customs you will clear customs when you arrival in the foreign city but on the return you will clear US customs in Atlanta before you connect to your st lous flight
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I flew from London Heathrow - Atlanta and then onto Orlando as long as your plane isn't delayed its easy you don't always have to go through customs depends on if you have to recheck your bags in like we did then yes otherwise you can wait in the terminal and 95% of Delta flights operate in the same terminal so you shouldn't have to change terminals but we warned some of the security checkers constantly moan and take ages
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Very easy, very busy! ATL is the largest (by traffic) airpoirt in the world! STL to ATL, no problem most likely fly on a McDonnell Douglas MD88 (Narrow-body Jet) Arrive to terminal C Have to take the train to terminal T or E Not a big deal, easy and simple. All is in the same building. ATL > STR will be on a Boeing 767 (Wide-body Jet) use: to choose the right seat for the long haul. Enjoy!

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