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Info about flying from St. Louis to Montreal

Info about flying from St. Louis to Montreal?
I live in St. Louis, MO and I want to visit a friend in Montreal for 2 days either this month or next. I want to fly (direct-no stops) and stay in a decent hotel. Are there any direct flights to Montreal? And can you please recommend a nice hotel (close to downtown)? Thanks!
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Have you contacted any airline yet? I'd give you a link myself but that option isn't available at the moment - I don't know why. Most hotels are excellent in Montreal and they are also centrally located so that shouldn't be a problem for you. Have you ever stayed at a Holiday Inn? We've got a couple of 'em right downtown over here! Let me find the addresses for you... Okay buddy, I found three of them! There's one on Boulevard Rene-Levesque East - (514) 448-7100 There's another one on Avenue Viger West right between Chinatown and the Old Montreal - (514) 878-9888 And the last one I found is located slightly further north but still downtown Montreal on Sherbrooke Street West - (514) 842-6111 Why don't you call one today and make a reservation? You won't be disappointed! Good luck to you and have a great time in Montreal!
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United, Continental and American all have direct flights. Go to to check. Flights (roundtrip) are about $600.00. Does your friend live downtown? A hotel a little way out of the core will be much less. Can you stay with your friend?

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