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When do we go through US immigration

When do we go through US immigration?
On Saturday my family and I are coming back from vacation and we want to know when we go through immigration, We leave Cancun, Mexico on saturday then we go to Atlanta, Georgia then we have a connecting flight to St. Louis, Missouri. We want to know if we go through Immigration when we get off the plane in Atlanta or do we go through immigration in St. Louis after we get our luggage? Thanks in Advace
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you go through on your first stop back into the US, so in this case Atlanta
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US Customs and Border Protection requires you to clear customs and immigration at your first point of entry into the United States, you will need to clear customs and immigration in Atlanta. Normally you can check your luggage through to St. Louis but will have to retrieve your luggage in Atlanta and then drop your luggage off at a counter for connecting passengers after clearing customs
3 :
You'll go through customs and immigration in Atlanta.

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