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Are there any other good flight schools besides Embry-Riddle? How is Hampton Univ. or Western Michigan

Are there any other good flight schools besides Embry-Riddle? How is Hampton Univ. or Western Michigan?
I have been told to look at Univ. of Illinois, Western Michigan, Hampton Univ. and St. Louis Univ. Any advice?! Thanks
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I would check out Daniel Webster College
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ASU East (Arizona State) is really good and known for their flight school, yet its very expensive and selective, from what I've heard. Good luck!
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This depends on your goal as a pilot. There is a new rating called "Sport Pilot" that you could pick up just about anywhere. If you are interested in a career as a airline pilot, there are many really good flight schools listed in just about any airplane magazine. Try finding a recent issue of "Trade a Plane" or "Flying" at your local airport or newstand. Good luck.
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Depends on your financial situation. Embry Riddle is famous for their aviation program, and also with their expensive tuition fees. University of North Dakota also has a very good aviation program, and has comparable tuition fees, but lower cost of living. I highly recommend you to look into your local flight schools, as there are many quality part 141 flight school that can acclerate your flight training, even more so than a traditional university setting. And they are only a portions of what you'll pay during your 4 year college with a University. I'd go with the part 141 flight school over the traditional U unless you need your 4 year degree in the meantime. And even if you need a 4 year degree, go get a useful degree, i.e. Business and learn to fly on the side. That way, if the industry downturns or if you have any medical issues, you won't be stuck with a hefty tuition bills that you won't be able to repay. Since most of the aviation program degrees offered in all these colleges are just wallpaper, you will not be able to market yourself outside of any aviation career.
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Check out Southern Illinois University (SIU-C) and University of North Dakota (UND). Both are state owned schools, so tuition would be less than Embry Riddle, and they have excellent reputations for aviation education...
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There are quite a few good colleges and universities that offer aviation programs. I see someone mentioned Daniel Webster in Nashua, NH - there is also some state school, for example Bridgewater State College, in Bridgewater, Ma has a good aviation program. Here is a website that list quite of few schools that have aviation programs: Hope this helps and good luck!
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I am an Alumni of Western Michigan Universitys College of aviation and am now a flight instructor at the university. I have also recently aquired a job as an airline pilot. WMU is very unique from other flying schools but also similar to others in many respects. It is a great flying school with a brand new fleet of all Cirrus aircraft. However it has its cons with its pros just like any flight school. It all depends on what you really want to do. Are you dedicated enough to devote your all day everyday life to studying and becoming the best possible pilot you can be? Do you want to be a proffesional pilot with airlines or corporate? Best advice is to research all the flight schools you can and decide on location, where you want to be, cost, how nice the aircraft are, how good are the instructors, reputation, and type of flying (weather wise). For example in arizona you can train for X amount of years and Never get any actual instrument time flying in clouds but in Michigan at WMU you will get at LOT of actual instrument time especially in fall and spring. Do your homework and decide whats best for you.
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sounds like youre looking for a college with an aviation program rather than a flight school. Many options but look at Lynn University or Kansas State University along with those other ones you listed. Like these guys said you dont need college to be a pilot. In fact if you just want a structured pilot school without college look into flight safety academy. for the most part though everything costs quite a bit.
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I know a few people that have gone through Western Michigan. They are known for having a great aviation program.
10 :
The only one I've ever heard of that would even hold a candle to Embry Riddle is the legendary Spartan College of Aeronautics in Tulsa, OK

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