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I have a couple of amsterdam questions

I have a couple of amsterdam questions?
What is the legal age for everything there? If i was to go there how much money would you rec. taking? and how much would a flight from st louis be?
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18 yrs its up to u dnt carry cash use cards check out on net
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It is not 18 for everything. That is just a point gaining answer. The age limits are: - 16 for smoking cigarettes - 18 for marijuana (and even to enter a coffeeshop) - 16 for purchasing beer & wine <15% proof and 18 for >15% proof Some nightclubs will let you in at 18, but others have their own age limits of 21 or even 25 As to how much money you want to take? Well it depends on what kind of person you are, what you are planning to do etc. A good guide for the average tourist is $100 a day Same story for the flight - it depends on when you book (wintertime is cheaper than summertime) and how far in advance you book (the more in advance the cheaper it is generally) You can use this site to check prices for different months http://www.skyscanner.net

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