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I'm trying to fly to New York from St. Louis??? Help

I'm trying to fly to New York from St. Louis??? Help?
What would be the cost for 3people, and the flight cost, which air flight is the best choice to fly on? I have a budget of $4,500, and the best hotel choice in NYC? THe Cheapest great food restaurant there? How will the weather be from Nov 27-Dec 27? Good Hotel? And ALL OF THIS WILL BE FOR 3ppls ON THE BUDGET OF $4,500 the distance from stl to nyc? and whatever else you might think that will help plz.
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How long do plan on staying for? A budget of $4,500 for a week is a lot different than a budget of $4,500 for a month.
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Get a package deal to New York, where they combine hotel and air, you don't need a car if you are staying in Manhattan. You are in NY at a peak time and the hotels will eat away at your budget, you can find a lot of good eating options but you should budget at least $10 per person for breakfast and lunch and about $20 per person for dinner. New York on a tight budget isn't too much fun.
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Try to find a hotel near Times Square in NYC. You can find some here: Now, keep in mind that a lot of NYC hotels are VERY small, so if you find something for $89/night, it will be so tiny you will have to find something else, so do your research. I stayed at the following hotel the last time I was in Manhattan, it's right down the street from everything (Times Square, Broadway, Midtown) The price was not expensive, but not cheap either, so you will have to look around, it was clean, but not luxury. The flight should be fairly cheap, but it's hard to predict flight prices, so you could expect to pay around $400 per person just for the flight, but you could also get cheaper flights. Check sites like: Check on different days of the week, you will notice that around Tuesday through Thursday, prices seem to drop in a lot of cases! Eating in NYC is not cheap regardless of where you go. I paid $20 for a sandwich, then again it was the biggest sandwich I have ever seen in my life. Don't be afraid of street vendor food for a snack, it is AWESOME! There are restaurants literally everywhere, so you can't go wrong and if you just look around you can find great food that won't cost you a fortune. I would say that for 3 people, you could do a lot on your budget as long as you watch it for the first day or two to see what you are spending, then adjust. For the weather, I am not a native and not an expert, but it gets cold in New york this time of year, so bring a coat!
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You may be better off staying in a hotel in Northern NJ to save on money and just take the bus into the city. The dates you are looking into are one of the most expensive times to stay in NYC due to the holidays. I have worked in two hotel in North Jersey and they are really nice and the bus stop into the city is right outside the door. Check out either the Quality Inn in Lyndhurst NJ or the Holiday Inn of Hasbrouck Heights NJ. As for airfare whenever I would visit my in laws in MO we would fly from Newark airport to Stl and we always found the best deals on air trans airline. If you go with a hotel in North Jersey then you can fly into EWR newark airport. How many days are you looking to stay? As for the weather expect it to be cold and defiantly dress in layers when walking around the city. Good luck and have fun.
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Your best bet is You can compare all the reputable travel sites, and save money. Good luck!

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