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Space-A, Germany to St. Louis, mid-March, dependent of deployed soldier

Space-A, Germany to St. Louis, mid-March, dependent of deployed soldier?
I'm 18, my dad is deployed, and we're living in Germany. I'm planning on taking a trip back to the states in March. I'm thinking I will be flying out of Ramstein AB and into Scott AFB. What I'm wondering is: Is March a hectic time to try to get a flight with Space-A? I know that summer and holidays are supposed to be difficult times to get a flight. Will I have to fly to several different places before I reach my final destination? Are there any official websites where I can find more information? I'm still not quite sure how Space-A works and what the experience will be like.
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If you are flying base to base, it doesn't sound like a commercial flight. Ask at your base.
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That should be a good time, as it's not the normal PCS periods. Try http://www.amc.af.mil/amctravel/index.asp or http://militaryliving.com/spacea/index.html
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It can be busy because it is holidays so you should have a backup plan just in case. Make sure you have an option of leaving back to Germany from several different locations, you can sign up with most of them 60 days in advance but it is suggested around 45 days giving you that 2 week window. You will be upgraded to Cat 4 if he is deployed longer than 120 days and Cat 3 (a - meaning AD w/families go above you) if he is gone longer than 365 days. make sure you have the command sponsored letter & deployment letter all the way. Check flights before so you can see a pattern as well. Sometimes there can be a direct flight and other times no, so make sure you are signed up to leave from several locations so you are covered.

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