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Airplane what I can't take on the flight (carryon)

Airplane what I can't take on the flight (carryon)?
Hi, I am flighting to St.Louis in September and I have not flown in 4 years. We are just going to take a carry-on because we are going to be there for a day. I need to know what I can not take on the flight with me... is there a place I can look at on line? Thank you
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1 :
Containers, like lotions etc. have to be 3.2 oz or smaller. No loose batteries, nothing sharp like nail clippers or scissors, . Your best bet is to go on the web site of the airlines you are flying and get the latest updates on what is allowed.
2 :
http://www.tsa.dhs.gov/travelers/index.shtm TSA for travelers - it's the official website of the transportation safety administration, so they have the most up to date info - check out the 3-1-1 info - good luck
3 :
shampoos lotions mouth wash has to be under 3 oz., no lighters, no nail clipper, no razors, no bombs,

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