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Flying when under 18, what do I need to get on the plane

Flying when under 18, what do I need to get on the plane?
I'm 17 and will be going on a trip to visit friends in Motana at the end of the year. I'm leaving from Lambert Airport in St. Louis, catching a connecting flight in Denver, then straight to billings both ways. What identification will I need to get on the planes? Do I need my parents to sign anything to get there?
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passport, ticket, the baggage tickets, id, a residense card or a green card, ummmmmmm u dont really need anything else but im not copletly sure, i fly across the country every year, if u r within the us, u only need a passport but im not sure about underage going alone hoped this helped
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if you are 17 then you are fine to fly alone. just bring your boarding pass, your ID
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Ok, a spammer thats horrible- needs a life. The other honest person is very wrong. You dont need a passport. You just need some form of id- a school id is fine. Parental permission within the us isnt necessary.
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