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Plane Tickets To St. Louis

Plane Tickets To St. Louis??
About a week ago i was looking for flights from JFK to STL, my two friends plan on going in February 2009. When I went to check the price again today the price of the ticket per person had raised from $165 to $300 per person, why is that? And do you think they wil go back down in price?
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1 :
Who knows. come here anyways. it is a pretty cool place, if i may say so
2 :
Ticket prices flip flop often. It may go down. Have you checked Southwest airlines?
3 :
Ticket prices are always varying. Sometimes you can also get a good deal by packaging it with a hotel stay. I'd just keep looking at all the different airlines for the dates that you plan on coming. Good fairs will show up again.

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