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what do in chicago from 12am to 6am or do I sleep at airport

what do in chicago from 12am to 6am or do I sleep at airport?
Hi Guys..I have a flight from Los Angeles to St.Louis with a connection at Chicago.. The problem flight lands midnight at 12:20 AM and my connection is at 8:30 AM. Is there anything to famous at chicago during that time or would you guys suggest that I just drive to St.Louis (reach my 5:30 AM ) or would you recommend I just sleep at chicago airport...
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1 :
Just hang around the airport and try to sleep.
2 :
If you are up for it, take the drive. No traffic issues at that time. If you are not up for a middle of the night drive, stay at the airport. Honestly nothing good happens in the city at that time of night.
3 :
just sleep at the airport many things are closed except bars.. and if your have drinking they may not let you back on the plane
4 :
Walk around for a little while, concert, movie, or see what will be there the day you go.
5 :
There's really nothing to do at that hour in Chicago. Depending on the day, there may be some club action, but in Chicago most clubs close at 2:00am, and a couple stay open until 4am (Excalibur is the one that tourists like, and is located right next to public transportation to/from the airports). I'd just stay in the airport. Bring something to read.
6 :
That's a really awkward connection! While Chicago is a fun city, it's not really a 24/7 place. What you'll find open in the wee hours are bars, Walgreen's drugstores, and fast food places. You could take the 'L' downtown. The blue line that goes to O'Hare runs all night. It can sometimes seem a bit creepy in the overnight hours, but it should be perfectly safe. You'll have some nice skyline views as you come in from the northwest side. If you want to get to the clubs, transfer at Jackson to the red line (which also runs all night) and go north to Grand or Chicago. It will take you over an hour to get there by train at night, so you won't have a long time to spend before even the clubs close up. As long as your layover is, you might choose to get an airport hotel, particularly if you can find a decent rate. If you check in ahead of time, you wouldn't have to get to the airport until around 7am. If you choose to drive down to St. Louis, make sure you're not forfeiting your return ticket by not showing up for one of your flights. It's an easy drive, though rather boring--especially at night. If you choose not to leave the airport, realize O'Hare is fairly lively at night. You'll be safe and in good company, but you may not really sleep.

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