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Flight Help...

Flight Help...?
I want to get a flight from Detroit, MI (DTW) to St. Louis, MO (STL). I want to leave Detroit between August 13-21 and I want to leave from St. Louis in a week. I'll give the person who finds the lowest price flight the Best Answer.
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How about on Southwest? (and a perk is that Southwest is AWESOME) DTW -> STL on Aug 15 Flight 3245 at 11:50am = $107.40 STL -> DTW on Aug 22 Flight 537 at 9:00am = $79.40 $107.40 + $79.40 = $186.80 Note that these times can be at different times, because Southwest has other flights at the same price but just at different times. To see more info, go to Southwest.com.
2 :
These sites get u the lowest price. I think som offer under $250 and even $200

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