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I'm going to a STL Rams game, can I make a flight by 5:25pm

I'm going to a STL Rams game, can I make a flight by 5:25pm?
The latest flight out to CA is at 5:25pm, is that too early or will I have to leave the game early? Is the St. Louis airport take forever to get through security on a Sunday? Im not parking there, Im staying at a hotel within walking distance and will probably take a shuttle or taxi from the hotel. The game starts at noon.
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Since you did not say what time the game was - let's assume it is 12:30 - that would mean about 3 hours for the game and then it may take you an hour to get out of the parking and then drive to the airport (not a long drive but there will be a lot of traffic..) so by now you are looking at it being after 4 pm.. so that is cutting it pretty close since most airlines require you to be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to departure - and you still haven't parked your car yet or walked to the terminal. Now about the St Louis airport - this is one of the EASIEST airports to get around. It is pretty small on the scale of other large city airports. It should be fairly quick to go thru security and to get to the gate since it is a fairly compact airport. So to really answer your question you need to ask yourself - do I really want to take the chance of missing my flight? Now if you are taking a taxi directly from the game to the airport you may save some time not having to get out of the parking at the stadium and be able to be dropped off right in front of your terminal at the airport... From my experience with the traffic in St Louis after a game - I would say No you will not make it for that flight! Better to stay overnite and enjoy some brewskies at the hotel bar after the Rams win! and then take the flight out in the am. Lots of inexpensive hotels right around the airport that will shuttle you there free... Also if you need anyone to take an extra ticket for the game - let me know!!! hahaha Huge RAMS fan!!!!!
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you may have to leave at the 4th quarter. the game, i'm assuming, is at 1 and they usually last until the next scheduled game at 4:30, maybe just a tad bit longer. i guess if you leave at the 2 minute warning or just high-tail it out of there when its over, you should make it
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Don't miss the game, just fly out Monday. Surfs up dude.
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your better off getting a hotel and a flight the next day. don't risk being left there without a hotel. they will charge you harshly, book in advance, you could get a great deal.

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