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booking a flight...when is a good time

booking a flight...when is a good time?
I am planning on flying from St. Louis to Los Angeles Dec 16th and back on the 19th. When is the best time to buy my tickets? Should I get them now, or wait til closer to the time of my trip?
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1 :
ASAP as they won't get cheaper for Xmas
2 :
Book as far in advance as you can. Prices rarely come down and as it is Christmas they will only shoot up as demand increases
3 :… Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports
4 :
I would buy them now as the longer you wait, the higher the ticket price will be. Also if you wait too long, there may not be seats available.
5 :
get them now: low prices get them later: advantage of discounts but might face higher prices/shortages try searching for discounts

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