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I need a really cheap flight!, can anyone please help me!

I need a really cheap flight!, can anyone please help me!?
From St. Louis to Sarasota/Tampa/Ft. Meyers, either of those cities, i need 2 tickets at the lowest prices out there, i need 2 tickets 1 adult 1 child to leave on december 25 come back on jan 6, can anyone help me? yeah, sky bus has some amazing prices but, no, they dont fly from st. louis
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Try Skybus. They have really cheap tickets (start at 10$) and they go from St. Louis to Florida.
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cheap then theres pop ups of the best price n then name a price. got mine for 40$ no stops to az
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Hate to tell you this; but there are NO SUCH THINGS as "Cheap Flights"- around the Holidays... ... But you know what you COULD try, -call the Airlines & ask them if they keep a List of People who CANCEL their tickets...-Maybe you'll get REALLY lucky & catch a Flight THAT way... Otherwise, GOOD LUCK! :)
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A great travel site to book flight is with "18 K Travel" http:/ It is way cheaper to fly into Sarasota FT Myers is way too expensive. I recommend using the "advanced flight search" located on the "flights" page. I would also suggest using a 1 to 3 day search on either side of your departure and return flights. Example if you fly to Sarasota it is a lot cheaper to return on Saturday Jan 5. Sunday is more expensive because it is the end of Holidays and families are rushing home.
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Hi! i checked the site: and found if you book today for Departure 24, 2007 and Return January 05, 2008 AirTran Airways is offering $189(return) per person AirTran Airways Flight 796 8:48am St Louis, MO (STL) 12:13pm Sarasota/Bradenton, 2hrs 25min - Nonstop you can check here for more options, but don't wait for more cheap flights and the fares vary and it is holiday season
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It will be cheaper to book one-ways on those dates, due to high demand around the holidays. STL-SRQ RSW-STL Total: $203.80 per adult
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