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nauseous while flying

nauseous while flying?
today i felt like i could throw up on my flight from st louis to miami. I didnt throw up but i felt like i could. i have another flight tonight. Miami to Madrid. What should i do if i feel nauseous again?
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Gravol! Bring some ginger to much on - ginger candy, or the pickled ginger that comes with sushi.
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Well if its motion sickness then the only thing that will help is medicine. Dont eat or drink much before, or on the flight. Just try water and some crackers. If its mental, then just try to relax and disrtract yourself.
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Try to wear the sea bands before you leave with your airplane: They press on an acupressure point of your wrist making you feel better. I tried them, they work but they must be worn some time before the flight.
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Take travel sickness tablets/ pills before you leave, you can get them at any pharmacy or chemist. Buy a pack of mints from the airport and suck them slowly during the flight, they help to calm the stomach and it'll give you something to do. Buy a bottle of water or lemonade from the flight attendant, and sip slowly (not big sips) if you feel sick. Try and sleep if you can, it'll help pass the time. Take a magazine or book if you're not up to sleeping. If you don't get travel sick on buses or coaches, try and picture that you're actually sitting in one of those vehicles - don't look out the window! If all else fails, grab an aisle seat and a sick bag and be prepared. I'm sure you'll be fine :)
5 :
i ate 2 big macs, a large french fries and a large vanilla thick shake and that worked for me !!
6 :
If you also felt kind of dizzy on the flight, you've probably got motion sickness. Before you get on your plane to Madrid, go find a store that sells gum and travel things in the airport and look for a medicine called Bonine (pronounced "Bo-neen"). It's like Dramamine but it makes you less drowsy and lasts longer. Take 1 tablet about 45 minutes before your flight is scheduled to take off. It should help your nausea. Even if you didn't feel dizzy or lightheaded, I'd recommend taking the Bonine just in case. I hope you feel better. Have a great time in Spain!

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