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How can I book a ticket for a child

How can I book a ticket for a child?
This is my very first time booking an airplane ticket for my younger sister who is 13. My younger sister is going on a trip from Newark to St. Louis, riding on Continental Airlines. Currently I already set up the chosen flight she will be going on. I'm at the step of Reviewing Trip Itinerary. I do know it is reviewing the price, but I don't know how to get out of this step please help? And can you please inform me about unaccomplished minors ( A child under 18 riding an airplane alone) Thank you!
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you will have to call the airline in most cases you can not book the trip online depending on the airline you might have to pay the unaccompanied minor fees which can run up to $100 over the cost of the ticket each way then someone will have go the airport up to the ticket counter -get a gate pass escoret to the gate and you will required to stay at the gate until the flight has taken off then someone will be required to met her at the gate on the other end and do all again when she return

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