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First time flying...some help

First time flying...some help?
I am flying for the first time ever in August. I'm going from VA to CA. I have already purchased my tickets but it says they are e-tickets. What does that mean? Do I need to print them out? Do I get my boarding pass there or online? I have a connection flight in St. Louis. Do I have to go through checking luggage etc there too? The airlines for both flights is the same. Any kind of help would be great..thanks!
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you can check on thier websites or better call them. I am not sure abt the airlines in VA to CA..
2 :
First thing you must have to take the print out of their e-tickets, e-tickets means you booked your ticket online.And one identity proof is must with the e-tickets, rest of thing you will learn with the help of air hostess on the airport.
3 :
Ok, the e-ticket is an electronic ticket. It is a good idea to print it out but you don't have to. When you go to the airport to check in, the ticket agent will ask for your last name to verify you have a reservation. Then you will check your bags. Your bags will automatically be transferred to your connecting flight. You only need to pick them up at baggage claim at your final destination. Make sure you have ID because they will ask you to show proof of ID. The ticket agent will print all of your boarding passes. Do not lose these! When heading to security, they will ask for your ID and boarding passes. Once through security, head to the gate. When you get to St. Louis, head to the gate for your next flight. You do not need to go back through security unless you are changing airlines. Once you land in CA, head to baggage claim to pick up your bags. If you still have questions when you get to the airport, ask the ticket agent there. They will help you. Hope this helps and have a good flight. Also, I travel a lot for my job and deal only with e-tickets and connecting flights.

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