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Is a crochet needle allowed on an airplane

Is a crochet needle allowed on an airplane?
I am flying to Austin, TX from St. Louis in July and I hate flying. I just started crocheting and I though that would take my mind off the flight, but I don't want to have to throw away the needle when I get there if it is not allowed and then have nothing to do... Please help!
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Knitting/crochet needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage. However, there is a possibility that the needles can be perceived as a possible weapon by security. Security has the authority to determine if an item could be used as a weapon and may not allow said item to pass through security. The TSA recommends the following when bringing knitting/crochet needles on an airplane: -Circular knitting needles are recommended to be less than 31 inches in total length -The TSA recommends that the needles be made of bamboo or plastic (Not Metal) -Scissors must have blunt points In case a security does not allow your tools through security, it is recommended that you carry a self addressed envelope so that you can mail them back to yourself as opposed to surrendering them at the security check point.

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