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What happens with luggage during lay over

What happens with luggage during lay over?
I am flying from Indy to Orlando with a 2 hr lay over in Miami (then a 3 hour one in St. Louis on the way back). I will be switching planes on both lay-overs. Am I responsible for picking up my luggage and checking it for the second flight or am I only responsible for getting myself on the new plane and the airline will take care of the luggage situation. I am flying American Airlines if that makes any difference.
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Your only responsible for making it to the next plane, the airlines will handle the rest.
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The Airline will probably route your luggage straight through - but you'd best check with them. I know when routing through the US from the UK to NZ I had to pickup my luggage at JFK, take it through customs and hand it back in. When I made my second change at LAX - I didn't see my bag at all - it was all done for me.
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Depends on how you check your luggage. If at your starting airport you check your luggage straight through to your ending destination, then you are only responsible for making sure you get on your connecting flights. If you only check your luggage from destination to destination, then you will be responsible for picking up you luggage and re-checking it to your next destination. Some people like the ease of checking their luggage straight through so they have nothing to worry about and less to think of. Others like to pick it up at every destination to make sure it doesn't get lost, and that if it does they can flie the complaint right then and there and get the ball moving on finding their luggage. In the end, it really becomes a personal preference for you. Hope you have a great trip!!

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