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Anyone know any really good coping skills

Anyone know any really good coping skills?
I'm suffering flight cancelation syndrom big time. We were supposed to be at cancun. But due to the weather our flight was canceled. Now the trip to the beach is gone like the wind. Anyone know what i could do. I'm in St. Louis my parents are boring and strict we've seen the arch and the city is 20 miles away. What should we do?
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Rent a couple of really good movies, pile up with some snacks and accept your fate. Watching movies doesn't require conversation so your parents shouldn't bore you.
2 :
Walking out side, Drawing and thinking positive, trust me! I have some major issues, I use those and they work!
3 :
Realize there are people who have never been able to Cancun or out of the country at all because they don't have money like that. There's nothing to "cope" from. I understand you may be disappointed that things didn't go your way, but like I said, there are people in this world (like myself) who don't have the luxury of even letting the idea of Cancun slip into their minds, let alone actually plan a trip there. Be grateful for the things you have and don't fret about that which you do not. You may not have been able to go to Cancun now, but if you had the resources to go now, surely you'll have them again later. And worst comes to worst, you can easily find a beach in the area you are in and go there.

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