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Delta cancelled my flight and re-routed me to another city 1.5 hours away? what are my rights

Delta cancelled my flight and re-routed me to another city 1.5 hours away? what are my rights?
My flight started in STL with Delta, it arrived at Atlanta airport layover for 1.30 minutes, then the flight was delayed for several hours, they said it was weather, I check with my dad that is a corporate pilot and he said that there were no issues with weather on that specific airplane's route. After several hours of waiting they cancelled the flight, the flight was from Atlanta to Daytona Beach. We called and after fighting with Delta they got us in a flight to Orlando because all flights to Daytona were full and as I told them they needed to get me on another airline flying there, they said they were none. I told them they had to arrange a shuttle from Orlando to Daytona(1.5 hours away). When I landed in Orlando the luggage was sent to Daytona and after waiting for an hour for the shuttle I decided I rather be picked up and sleep in Orlando and then get a ride to Daytona the next day. This flight started at 6:55am and I was supposed to be in daytona at 11:05am and I got to Orlando at 6:30pm with still 1 hour and half to two hours to go to daytona. What are my rights? what am I entitled to regarding the issue. The flight was cancelled due to an engine on the plane. Depart:5:55amSt Louis, MO Lambert-St Louis Intl (STL) Arrive:8:40amAtlanta, GA Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) Change planes. Time between flights: 0hr 55min Delta Air Lines 1909 Economy | McDonnell Douglas DC-9-50 Passenger (D95) | 1hr 32min | 366 miles Depart:9:35amAtlanta, GA Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ATL (ATL) Arrive:11:07amDaytona Beach, FL Daytona Beach Regional (DAB) this happened last monday(thanksgiving weekend), the airline gave me a $5.00 voucher for food but everything that was sold around was over $5.00 and my credit card wasnt working. I was supposed to leave Atlanta at 9:05am and I left at 3:55pm to a destination(Orlando) 1 hour 30 minutes away from my city of destination. The shuttle that was supposed to take us to Daytona was late for more than an hour and I had to someone to pick me up and stay in Orlando and wake up the next day and get a ride to daytona to pick my bags that were flown to Daytona.
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If the cancellation was due to an engine problem on the plane it is their responsibility to pay for any inconveniences that you encountered. If you were laid over for more than 4 hours in the airport you are entitled to a meal voucher and if they had good customer service, a credit of some sort. If they cancel due to weather you are on your own, but because it was mechanical - Delta owes you. It sounds like you were jerked around pretty bad, I would get Delta customer service on the phone whenever you have some free time, ask for a supervisor and tell them your story. I'd also recommend writing a letter to the CEO and carbon copying a few people under him.
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If there was a major problem with the plane, Delta would pay for you to go back to your housr. They would either pay for your hotel for the night and the car to drive you back to your house, or they would put you on a flight the next day.
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Yeah like passengers have right. Ha ha ha ha ha. Sorry about your luck.
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The first thing that passengers must understand when dealing with airline agents, or passenger service personnel, is when they tell you a flight is delayed for a specific reason, the information they give you is coming from their flight operations center. All they are doing is passing along information to passengers, that they have received from their flight operations, be it right or wrong information. As a corporate pilot, your dad would be knowledgeable about weather conditions along your flight route as he would have more Technical assets to use than the general public would have. While operating conditions for a private corporate flight is done within the framework of the FAA, airlines transporting passengers not only has to be done within FAA regulations, but Delta may also have in addition, their own operational restrictions their pilots have to follow when carrying passengers in an area where weather may be an issue. Airlines usually do have additional policies for their flight crews. In this case not everything may not be as it seem, and I hope you had the good sense not to use your "inside information" to dispute the agents explanation for the delay. This would question their credibility, and insinuate they are lying. They would take that as an insult, and any cooperation or additional consideration they may have given you, considering the circumstances, would have gone right out the window. You should go to Delta's website, and search for their customer service contacts (email, or mailing not phone them..they will not discuss an issue like this on the phone.) Write them a letter describing exactly what happened. Stick to facts only...make sure they are no personal remarks, or opinions, or any hint of "being the victim" in your letter. They may feel you are trying to back them into a corner, to exact a monetary reward. To them that is a form of extortion, and they will come out fighting. Unless a Delta agent actually told you there was a maintenance issue (especially the nature of the problem) with the aircraft, do not bring that up in your letter, because if you got that information through an unauthorized source, or outside the airline's customer service, it will be disputed by the airline, and dismissed. Once you get through explaining exactly what happened, ask them what Delta's customer service policy is when dealing with circumstances such as these. Give them a list of your personal expenses that you had to pay out of your own pocket because of the delays and reroute of your travel, and tactfully request that Delta reimburse you. The tactful part is important, because if you demand that Delta owes you, and they NEED to pay up, they will refuse, and there will be nothing you can do about it, if their internal investigation shows that agents acted within the guidelines of Delta policy. You'll get nothing. Keep your letter on point, and straight forward,and while there is no guarantee, they may decide to reimburse you, and possibly offer you additional compensation for your inconvenience, as a gesture of goodwill to a customer.
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I don't know. But It seems like you and Delta made it a little bit too complicated/ difficult about the problem. Were you in rush to go somewhere? To win back your rights, you have to have evidence of why Delta was difficult to comprise....

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