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Is a 40 minute layover in Chicago too risky

Is a 40 minute layover in Chicago too risky?
I am traveling from Las Vegas to St. Louis in the coming weeks. The itinerary I am considering is an American Airlines flight that has a connection in Chicago with a layover of 40 minutes. Is this enough time? Will I make it to the next flight? I will be flying AA all the way, so I won't have to worry about changing airlines.
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O'hare yes definitely. Midway, maybe.
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Take it. No risk no fun.
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Rule of thumb: When you are flying into, or out of Chicago, the bad weather conditions and the large number of flights coming into and out of Chicago will cause you to be very delayed.. I actually just went through Chicago to go to Ohio and then back through Chicago to the OC. Each time we were supposed to land in, or were supposed to fly into Chicago, something went wrong. The first time, I had a one and a half hour layover in Chicago and felt pretty confident that I would make the flight. However, bad weather conditions delayed our plane coming into Chicago, and when we finally landed in Chicago, I only had fifteen minutes to board the plane before it flew off. The second time was especially bad. We couldn't fly into Chicago, because there was a storm going on (there's a reason why they call it the windy city), but when we finally landed, we were stuck in the plane for about an hour because if the tunnel to the gate was set up, there was a chance that lightning would strike it and some of the workers might be electrocuted. Fortunately, this was the case for all the flights, and my next plane was also delayed by an hour. The people in charge of your next flight will be alerted of the delay, however, if there are not a lot of people in your plane who will be going on to the next flight, they will most likely rebook you onto a later flight. If i were you, i would rebook!!!
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"If i were you, i would rebook!!!" This advice is essentially asking you to pay several hundred dollars for little to no reason, as rebooking will cause change fees and fare differences to be paid. In my opinion, there is no reason to rebook, because even if there are issues with the connection (such as weather delays), American will rebook you on the next flight for no charge. If there are no weather delays and no other issues, 40 minutes is enough to make a connection at ORD. It's a big airport, but even the furthest gates than American has shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes to get between.
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Too tight. American will re-book you on the next available flight but who knows when this would be.
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40 minutes is tight but doable. Try to sit towards the front of the aircraft so that you can be one of the first passengers off the plane. Also I would ask the flight attendant what gate you will arrive at and what gate your flight to St. Louis departs from. Then I would consult the in-flight magazine to find out what direction to head to get to your connecting flight.

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