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1st time traveling to west of USA (SF, LA, LV & Colorado)

1st time traveling to west of USA (SF, LA, LV & Colorado)?
Hi, this would be my first time traveling to the west of USA, and I need some help. I would have 4 whole weeks in total, and would like to cover the 4 main locations (SF, LA, LV & Colorado). I would be coming from St. Louis. In Colorado, I would like to visit the yellowstone. In SF, I would want to travel up north to redwood national park. In LV, I would like to visit the Grand Canyon. It will just be 2 of us traveling in total. So, 1. How much time should I allocate for each of the 4 main locations (SF, LA, LV & Colorado)? 2. What is the best way to travel from one main location to the other? ( I would probably be taking a flight from St. Louis to Colorado, and then another flight from colorado to one of the 3 locations)?
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Just a word to the wise - Make sure what you allocate for Las Vegas stays close to what you spend. It is easy to drop a much bigger amount then you budgeted. Then again who wanted to see LA, SF ect. buy the way do you know you can go to Sequoia, and Kings Canyon on the way to Yosemite? and at least go on Highway 1 between LA and SF in one direction - don't forget Hearse Castle. Make sure you have you tickets for this before you go. At least 2 tours. And if you can the dessert is going to be beautiful this year because of the rain. so late March or early April will be best.
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San Francisco can be done in 2 days, Los angeles can take years to explore but all the highlights can be seen in a week. Las Vegas takes about 3 days or until you lose your money, ah Colodrado. One of my favorite states! Denver, Vail. Grand Junction. The drive from Denver to Grand Junction (via I 70) Is a definite "E" ticket by itself. Have fun!!!
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First, a couple of geographic things I need to clear up: -Yellowstone is about 450 miles northwest of Denver, in northern Wyoming. Coming from Denver, you'll need to take I-25 north almost to Montana. -If you want to see the redwoods, you don't have to go all the way to Redwood National Park. You can go to John Muir Woods Park, just north of San Francisco. It will save you an extre 600 miles of driving (300 each way). If I were taking the trip. I would go in this order: Colorado-Yellowstone, San Francisco-John Muir Woods, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas-Grand Canyon. I would recommend taking a local flight from Denver to Cody, where you can easily drive to Yellowstone. I would probably spend 3 full days in Yellowstone. Then take a flight to San Francisco, where you can drive up to John Muir Woods one day, then spend 3 full days in SF. Then drive to LA. LA is bigger than SF, so allow a week. Then you can drive to Las Vegas, spend a couple of days, then drive to the Grand Canyon for a couple days. Then go back to Vegas and grab a flight back to St. Louis.

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