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Out of these airports which ones are the most convenient

Out of these airports which ones are the most convenient?
I'm going to be traveling by myself as a minor and no matter which airline and flight there is a layover somewhere. And this is only my second time going on an airplane and I'm15. So for all you experienced travelers which one of these do you think is the easiest to travel in and why? I don't know if it's important but I'll be flying Southwest. Denver Chicago (Midway) Phoenix St. Louis Thanks you!
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With Southwest you may not even be allowed to get off the plane. Southwest is more like a Greyhound bus, they stop everywhere, but only long enough to take on passengers and luggage. Other than that, I've had good luck in Denver, don't remember much about Midway, just a pain to get there.
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Phoenix or Denver are the easiest to navigate I think
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Never been to Phoenix... but out of the other three Denver is the best in my opinion. Whichever one you decide, go to the airport's website. There is usually a map of the terminal and make sure you familiarize yourself with it that way you won't be so lost when you get there. And like a previous answer-er said, sometimes with Southwest, you won't even have to get off the plane. It's called a stop over. Have fun!!
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phoenix is a pretty good airport...i had to fly alone for the first time from phoenix to detroit and i was really nervous that i wouldn't know what to do or where to go. however, it was extremely easy for me. i found everything right away just by glancing at the signs. so i'd suggest phoenix. plus, it's really nice.
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My guess is that St. Louis will probably be the lightest filled airport out of the group, as far as how busy the airports will be. You could also base it off of what is the most mid-located airport between your two main destinations. good luck!
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Phoenix is the most convenient one..

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