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Snacks for my 9 hour flight

Snacks for my 9 hour flight?
I'm flying from Nuremberg to St. Louis with layovers in Frankfurt and Chicago. United airlines, but the first two flights are Lufthansa. On my way to Germany I only ate a granola bar, some Cheez-Its, and a small bag of cookies. I'm a picky eater so I avoided the airplane food that looked weird. When I got to Frankfurt, I had no energy. That plus the culture shock made me feel so tired and disoriented. I'd like a different experience when travelling through the O'Hare airport. I want to take some snacks for the flight that will supply me with plenty of energy for when I get to Chicago. Here are a few things I'd like to take, but do you think they'll be allowed? I will consume or dispose of them before I get to customs in the US if I have to. Walnuts, dried fruit, granola bars, carrot sticks, PB sandwich Also considering pretzels, poptarts, and fruit snacks if nothing else
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A few tips: - Try to avoid anything that will generate alot of trash. Not always easy to get rid of on a plane; - Try to avoid really loud, crinkly wrappers, in case the person next to you falls asleep; - Carbo-load the night before you leave (lots of pasta); - Keep in mind that, left in a warm bag for a while, a sandwich may get a bit gross. Avoid mayo and/or Miracle Whip and/or jelly, unless you plan to eat it immediately; - I recommend a '5-Hour Energy' shot or two. They really do work, and shooting one before you land will definitely propel you through your layover. And there really is no 'sugar crash' later. All of this being said, your list (above) looks just fine for snax. Enjoy!
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As long as you eat the stuff before you get to the US, you won't have problems with your food choices. Airplane food may be bland by some people's standards, but there's nothing wrong with it otherwise. I always eat it.
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try eating more "hot meals" or snacks (if the airline offers hot snack) I know Cathay Pacific offers instant noodles as snacks.

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