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What are some things i can do on a 4 hour flight to LAX

What are some things i can do on a 4 hour flight to LAX?
So Sunday, im going to fly out of St. Louis to LAX. We are scheduled to leave at 1:30 p.m. The flight is a 4 hour trip, and there is no stopping and changing planes. My question is what can i do on the plane. I was thinking on just loading a bunch of songs on my iPod and listening to it. I know that they have movies on flights, but sometimes i just dont get into a movie and i rarely pay attention. I could sleep. I was just wondering if anyone had some tips/ideas that they have done on a flight. This is my 3rd big flight ( 2 flights to Boston and from Boston) which was 2 hours. thank you! :)
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1 :
Listen to your ipod or read a book/magazine.
2 :
sleep... or reflect on your life and think of the future
3 :
Download porn in your ipod and masturbate in the airplane washroom. It may be difficult in such a cramp space, but you can work with it I do all the time.
4 :
Every time i fly i just sleep, or talk to people on the plane. Also you can download shows or movies that you like onto your ipod so you can get into a movie.
5 :
If you have the window seat then just look out the window while listening to you Ipod, that's what I usually do.
6 :
A lot of people sleep on a flight that long. Also know that you are flying west so you will gain time. Therefore having a nap will keep you awake more and allow you to better adjust to the time zone difference. Some people will read. The airline should have an in-flight magazine. Others may bring a portable DVD player and watch their own movies and some passengers will bring a hand-held game with them. An iPod will be good as well.

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