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Does missing one leg of your flight ticket cancel the entire thing

Does missing one leg of your flight ticket cancel the entire thing?
I am flying from St. Louis to Shanghai. I have layovers in LAX and Incheon, South Korea. I was thinking about staying in Korea for a few days before continuing on to Shanghai. The airline charges outrageous fees to change the ticket, so I was just going to buy an extra one-way from Incheon to Shanghai. I know if you miss the a first leg of your flight you will be canceled for the remainder of your trip, but if I miss the last leg (Korea to Shanghai) will my return flight be effected? The return flight is 2 weeks later with the same basic itinerary in reverse (with the exception of San Francisco instead of LA). So will missing the final leg of my out-bound flight effect my in-bound flights at all?
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If it is a round trip ticket, then yes, the rest of your ticket is cancelled.
2 :
Sadly that is exactly what will happen. When you fail to board the flight Incheon-Shanghai, the airline will void all remaining segments. You must pay the change fee if you want to keep your inbound flights.
3 :
Yes, all remaining segments of a booked itinerary are canceled if you miss one.
4 :
Yes, your remaining sectors will be declared void, and you will no be able to travel. Thee is also a chance that the airline, could put you on a no fly list, for failing to continue with your itinerary, or attempting to save money.
5 :
It is possible and I think u should call the customer care.The best thing is to pay the fees.They just might cancel the whole thing. If they changed anything on ur flight u could ask them to do so for free.

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