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Honeymoon suggestions? mostly kid free, nearby all natural beach

Honeymoon suggestions? mostly kid free, nearby all natural beach?
I am wanting to book a honeymoon for March 17th until March 22nd. I am wanting an adults only, maybe even couples only hotel, possibly in Mexico, but was wondering if it is even worth paying the extra for one. Do you think that time of year would be a busy time for families traveling (perhaps for spring break) and do you think kids would be running around the resorts? What resorts do you suggest, which are budget is $3000 with flight from St. Louis, and that would include food and entertainment. We may be able to come up with some extra later on, but maybe not. Prefer to stay somewhere close to the U.S and not be overrun with kids. Also want it to be a beach resort in a climate that will be warm that time of year. Would like to be near all natural (clothing optional) beach, but not wanting to stay in purely nudist resort. Suggestions? Looked into Couples in Jamaica, considering it, but like Mexico better if possible. Sandals is a bit high as is Le Blanc and Excellence. We are flying out of St. Louis, but either back to Atlanta or New York (considering going to New York for a day or two of the honeymoon at the very end)
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try the sandals resorts, i'm pretty sure it's adults only, and i believe that there are small islands that they shuttle you to that's all natural. they have resorts in jamaica, antigua, st.lucia, and bahamas, so you can bet you'll have some pretty warm weather. book ahead to be sure to have a spot open for you guys. i believe the website is or sandals, just search it, hope you have fun, and congratulations!!!!
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Try Secrets in Punta Cana. They are an all couples resort and really cater to honeymooning couples! My friend honeymooned there and loved it.

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