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Im visiting cape girardeau missouri and i need some advice on the town and commuting back and forth. Thanks!!

Im visiting cape girardeau missouri and i need some advice on the town and commuting back and forth. Thanks!!?
Im going to visit southeast missouri state university for their transfer orientation in november. I have to catch 2 planes cause there is no bus or train that runs thru cape girardeau missouri and i already have a flight thru st. louis lambert airport. Is anyone familar with rhe cape girardeau missouri area and the university. What are the good hotels and car rental places there?? Thanks!:)
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Hi, It's population is 35,349. Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Car Rental, is the place where i rented a car. Cheap and good quality. I stayed at Holiday Inn Express Hotel ,3253 William St. Cape Girardeau, MO 6370. It was really good and near the university. Hope This Helps!
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Cape Girardeau isn't that big. The easiest thing to do is to rent from the airport car rental though since the airport is actually on the outskirts of the city limits and all of the other rental places are inside the town. I'm not sure what rental place is at the airport though because I've never actually flown into the airport. It's only a short drive from St louis and once you get on the 55 it's a straight shot south (I believe it's about a 2 hour drive). Otherwise if your flying into the Cape Girardeau airport but don't want to rent a car from the airport rental place, I'm sure Hertz or Enterprise wouldn't mind picking you up. Cape Girardeau has both and I've used both. Both have good cars at descent prices. As far as Hotels, most within the city limits are close to the campus. Cape is a nice quaint place.. once you get familiar with the town you will find navigating to be pretty easy. I think most of the hotels are pretty descent but I've only stayed at the Drury Inn and Holiday Inn Express. Once again both were really nice and I'd probably just call and stay at the cheaper of the two. The same goes for the car rental place. Whatever is cheaper or whomever has a car more to my liking would probably help me decide whom to use. If you have any more questions feel free to send me a message on my yahoo tag.. josh_g2005
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Holy sh*t! I just graduated from Southeast last May, and I can tell you it was great choice for me. It was a nice small town, and I got to know a lot people pretty quickly. There's downtown Cape where it's composed of coffee shops and art galleries. I pretty much know the university lack the back of my hand since it's actually small compared to other public schools. There's also the river campus which has classes from the art and music departments. if your planning on living in a dorm, choose Towers South cause as far as I know it has like the cheapest cost. Now as far as car rental places, I'm not entirely sure, hadn't really paid attention. I can give you more info the school by linking you to this site: http://www.semo.edu/ Best of luck.

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