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Ok I have to go to bed early tonight tips

Ok I have to go to bed early tonight tips?
My flight leaves at 10am which means I have to wake up at seven and get to the airport at 8. What are some tips to help me fall asleep soon and what time should I go to bed (to make it a healthy nights sleep) I'm 13 I'm flying to St Louis then driving down to Florida so I will need energy!! I know this is the wrong section but you guys are my age and you'll get where I'm coming from!
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You should sleep around 10PM. Read a book. I usually listen to a little music, and it helps make me sleepy.
2 :
this is what i do (u can if you'd like) stay up late, sleep in car and plane.
3 :
10 to 11 will be fine, but 10 will be best. Get off the computer by 9, don't watch tv. Get ready for bed and read and listen to relaxing music. Drinking milk also helps some people go to sleep too.
4 :
I had a flight once at 6am haha, so I had to wake up at 2am You could: -drink warm milk -do a lot of exhausting exercise Just the exhausting exercising works for me, but some people need a glass of warm milk. If either work, you could sleep in the plane. You should go to sleep between 10pm-12am Have fun there!
5 :
You should've started preparing last night by going to bed around 1am and waking up at 6am. All I can say is go in your room, turn off the lights, and watching tv for a while. Or read a book for a few hours and then you'll be tired. Just relax that's what always helps me.
6 :
Stop drinking sodas/pop now. It will only make you more awake. Read a book or listening to sounds like the ocean or rain. [You can get an app from the app store from apple.] Take a bath too :D
7 :
When I fly early, I always just stay up the night before and sleep on the plane - it's become somewhat of a ritual for me. But since you want to get some sleep tonight, I suggest: 1) People in your age group should try to get 9 1/2 hours of sleep per night (although this hardly ever works out). That means, to have gotten that much sleep by 7am, you should try to be asleep by 9:30 pm, so by this time, you should already have been in bed for a little bit. 2) Try not to drink/eat anything with caffeine or sugar in it today - this will make it harder to fall asleep. 3) Try and tire yourself out during the day - go on a hard run/swim. Exercising helps you fall asleep sooner. Don't go too close to bedtime, though, you want your heart to have settled back down by then. 4) This might not work for you, but I tend to fall asleep during movies if I watch them late. It doesn't even have to be when I normally go to bed - I usually fall asleep around 2 or 3, but I can fall asleep during a movie at around 11 (not all the time, but sometimes). So try getting ready for bed, choose a movie that's not super exciting (no suspense/horror/action - romantic comedies actually work really well for me), and watch it while in bed, either on your TV or your laptop if you have one. I'm actually 19, but I've been doing a lot of early morning flying since I was in 8th grade. Good luck!
8 :
Around 9:30 u can do your normal routine of getting ready for bed and maybe read a book and listen to some relaxing music and try to get to bed around 10:30 i did this but i was goin to new orleans

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