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Any advice on flying w/ your dog as checked baggage

Any advice on flying w/ your dog as checked baggage?
I have a 2 yr old german shepherd and she becomes anxious in unfamiliar situations. She is about 63 lbs and i got an x-tra large carrier within american airlines restrictions. Her vet prescribed acepromazine, a 25 mg sedative for the flight. I'm flying roundtrip from st. louis to LA which is about 4-5 hours nonstop. My concerns are her health and how it will affect her overall. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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animals are very well taken care of when in the baggage compartment. my best friend is a ramp lead for one of the major airlines, and he informed me that they take better care of animals in there than they do most valuables. she may get a bit of a chill, since there is no heat in the hold, but that's about it. and she will most likely sleep, due to the motion of the plane and the lulling rumble of the engine.
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All airplanes recycle all the air on flights from when u take off till u land, ur breathing the same air & it is high in carbomonoxcide. How about a chew toy.
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I was in class the other day and my lecturer mentioned about travelling with pets on a plane. She said that the best thing to do if they were small enough was to take them on as hand luggage, and put them under the seat. Apparently the luggage area isn't pressurised or heated (something like that) during the flight, and if the animal is sedated then its brain can't instruct the body to take in deep enough breaths to take in enough oxygen. I'm sorry I don't remember specifics, but I'd really strongly advise calling airlines, checking vet sites, asking your vet to ask around for information etc before you fly. I'd hate for you to lose a pet.
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wel before you leave make sure you feed her,and let her outside as long as possible!!!leave a food and water carrier in the kennel so she does'nt get hungery, and give her a lot of love and care,because it is just as scary as jumping of a plane!!! In side the kennel put cushoning or blankets.If your dog is really shy,put some blanket over the front so she can't see outside,the more she sees things,she will get more scared.ask your freind or your vet for more things to make your puppys flight a good experiance.And if nothing works out put her into a puppy hotel for as long as your stay.I hope everything goes well!!!! marisa p
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Have your dog sedated, that way she will most likely sleep through the whole trip and she won`t upset herself.

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