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What is the Cheapest Flight

What is the Cheapest Flight?
We are doing a mission trip to Jamaica with a local church there. Can someone point me to the cheapest airfare for a group booking from Nashville or St. louis to Montego Bay 6/22 - 7/3
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malaysia airlines
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Air Jamaica have some summer special check with them.
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try this site Also try the airlines direct website, sometime you can get a cheaper fare. good luck s
4 : This utilizes non advertised rates and should list the lowest pricing you will ever find. Compare.
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Well, given that it will be a group then you can be assured that you will get a group discounted rate. However, you usually dont have many straight flights from Nashville or St. Louis to Montego Bay. However, a cheap airline to get to Montego Bay is spiritair but it only flies from Atlanta, Boston, New York, Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get to Monetgo Bay. So you would have to make arrangements to go to one of these airports or get a connecting flight to these areas to get to Montego Bay.
6 : maybe?

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