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why so expensive to fly to munich germany

why so expensive to fly to munich germany?
i'd like to visit the oktoberfest in germany for a weekend and thats all the time, because i cant miss much school in college. why are flights so expensive to fly from st louis to munich german in early october? i'm seeing about 900 total roundtrip when i've seen prices around 400 - 500 to germany other times. october doesnt seem like a very popular season to travel. can anyone explain?
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1 :
Nope, no explanation for that, it just is what it is, sorry.
2 :
I think you have answered your own question. You, and many others, want to go to Octoberfest.
3 :
Think about why you want to go. Do you think you're alone? Everyone wants to go to Oktoberfest. Try flights to Frankfurt and then take the train down to Munich.
4 :
Try flying to another city, London, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and then connect to MUC. Or rent a car, bus, train, etc. In europe you have many options to move around.
5 :
Your best bet is to fly into either dublin or london, and book a cheap flight from there through Will save some cash.
6 :
Why is it so expensive to fly to Germany during Oktoberfest... ...hmmm... ...lemmie think... ...could it be... because there are a lot of other people wanting to fly there too and the economic laws of supply and demand kick in to drive up price forced by higher demand and a fixed supply??
7 :
because it is the busy time but not as busy as the summer when it is even more expensive and 900 is really cheap for tickets

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