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How much do you think a budget trip like this will cost

How much do you think a budget trip like this will cost?
Singapore -(flight) - Dhaka - Calcutta - Varasanai - Agra - Delhi - Mumbai -(flight) - Amman - Jerusalem - Amman - Damascus - Aleppo - Ankara - Istanbul - Athens - Europe -(flight)- Washington DC - New York City, Boston - Quebec - Montreal - Ottawa - Toronto - Detroit - Chicago - St Louis - Kansas City - Denver - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - San Francisco -(flight)- Singapore.
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The sky is the limit - how long will you be in each city? What sort of hotel/hostel/couch/sleeping bag do you expect to stay in? What sort of touristic activities do you plan? How do you plan to get around - bus/car/foot? Is that one single round-the-world flight or multiple one-way flights? Unfortunately without the answers to at least some of these questions I find a guesstimate really hard. I'd say based on one day in each of those 30+ cities at least US$4000.
2 :
Around the world flight, economy: US$4,000 Asia / Middle East lodging (Very basic US$30, Little better, US$50 per night.) Food US$10 - $15 per day. Istanbul, Lodging Cheap US$50 per night. Food US$20. Europe, including Greece, Lodging US$70. Food US$25. USA / Canada Lodging (Cheap) US$60 per night, Food US$ 20 per day. This assumes very modest needs. Add admissions for attractions and local transport. Assumes some self-catering.

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