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Travelling to Atlanta airport from Athens during the morning...

Travelling to Atlanta airport from Athens during the morning...?
I was visiting my girlfriend in Athens for a week and now its time to fly back to St. Louis. My flight leaves Atlanta at 10:15 and we're not sure how to time everything to get me there on time and get her back for an 11:00 class. Some people say take 285 up and get on the MARTA at Doraville, but some of her friends are just telling her to drive me straight to the airport. She was considering getting up to leave at about 5 a.m. I'm not too worried about having to wait at the airport for a long time, as long as she makes it back to Athens in time for her class. Can anyone that braves Atlanta traffic or makes the Athens->Atlanta commute on a regular basis tell me what they would do? Thanks.
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I work at ATL airport and live about 30 minutes north of Athens, in Banks County. From time to time I have taken MARTA from Doraville to work also. If your flight leaves at 10:15 am, you need to be there by 9 am at the absolute latest. That would mean leaving Athens about 6:00-6:30 am to take traffic into account if you have her go all the way down. I would take GA 316 to 85 south. I don't think going all the way to the airport would be smart if she needs to be back in a class at UGA at 11 am. She'd be cutting it too close. If I were you, I would have her drop you off at the Doraville MARTA station and head back to Athens rather than have her take you all the way down to the airport. If you catch the 8:15 am train, you'd get to the airport at 8:58 am.

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