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What are the new airline "carry on" necessities from other travelers

What are the new airline "carry on" necessities from other travelers?
I used to carry it all...medications, water, food, electronics. New airline regs prohibit alot. What do other travelers do? How to carry the former list? Maybe airlines have changed their onboard policies like more fluids, food, etc? (Ha) How to stay comfortable on intermediate length domestic flights, (Around 2 hours with 1 hour layovers in Atlanta, Newark, DC, St. Louis, Chicago, etc.) And not spend a fortune in the airports. Most of my travel is personal, not business.
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Contact a travel agent as the rules seemed to change every day for a while. I know they are now allowing some things in vey lmited amounts if sealed in a ziploc bag like shampoo, etc. But as I said a travel agent would have the most up to dat info. Or try the FAA website or Homeland Security.
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i have been flying back and forth and the easiest thing to do is wear an outfit with flip flops..you really can wear jewelry with no problem. anything liquid for grooming purposes such as lotion,showgel,deodarant..and other toiletries please pack it in with the luggage you are not carrying on with you...and alot of women forget to check there purses too when boarding a plane..if you wear contacts think about wearing glasses..they may allow little containers of liquid for contacts but do you really want to go through all the hassle? you can not carry any food or drink onto the plane as well. books,magazines,mp3 players are allowed on the plane so bring stuff to entertain yourself. i have never been on a plane no longer then 2 hours so i can't give you any advice on how to limit your money during lay overs
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Actually the ban on food and drinks has been lifted (last I checked). You can bring food, as long as it's not a gel or similar substance. You cannot bring your own drinks, but you can buy bottled water and such inside of the secure area and bring that on the plane. I usually pack a sandwich and another snack and then buy 1-2 bottles of water once inside security. The water is expensive, but I consider it a necessity. You can take toiletries that are 3oz or less each, as long as you put all of these small items in one quart-sized plastic bag (forget this if you've got long hair and need a lot of shampoo!). For complete details, see the TSA list of prohibited items at http://www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/assistant/editorial_1012.shtm

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