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Where can I get the cheapest flights

Where can I get the cheapest flights?
I'm a student and I'm wanting to fly home sometime during the end of September or beginning of October for a weekend, or maybe a long one. I need to fly from the Los Angeles area to St Louis, MO. I've been looking at Southwestern Airlines, and I found some flights for about $129- $160 but thats just one way, and I was wondering if anyone knew of anyway I could find any cheaper flights? Like which LA airport should I use and which airline? Does anyone offer student discounts by any remarkable chance? Thanks
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Try weekend search over a month here: http://matrix.itasoftware.com/cvg/dispatch/prego/weekend_calendar Student tickets applicable in this situation (LAX area to St. Louis area): http://www.statravel.com http://www.studentuniverse.com http://www.aesu.com http://www.travelcuts.com Airtran does student flights, but not much help on LAX-STL due to their hub structure (AirtranU.com by the way). Lufthansa does direct sales to students, too, but again, not much help for this particular route. Also sign up for sale alerts on this route: http://www.farecompare.com/fare-search/year.html?type=homepage2&departure=LAX&destination=STL&t=r&s=r#Select_Month Looks like $196 is cheapest it's been since May.
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The website sidestep.com will scan the results of most of the major airlines for the best fares although it doesn't check Southwest. LAX is the largest airport in the LA area, but if you have more flexibility in where you land, there are several smaller airports that serve the area. Those that immediately come to mind include Long Beach, Orange County (Santa Ana), Ontario, and Burbank.
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"18K Travel" http://www.18ktravel.com

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